a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

today i made a bunch of posts on fedi instead of saving them for the blog

I get bored at work and I just fire them off instead of typing them into a draft to post later

I could have had a decent #GarbageDigest today if I could just restrain myself

There are a couple other topics I want to write about but my brain's too fuzzy from work and errands to do so coherently

I don't want to use this as just like a social media post aggregator, so I usually don't duplicate content, but I will here for the purpose of calling myself out

these jokes don't count

  1. The feminine form of "Abbot" is "Abba"

  2. Releasing a weekly audio show where my friends congratulate me on my amazing performance streaming casual games on twitch. It's the Popcap prop strat pogchamp podcast1

  3. Wanting the participles done right, they had to be dangled by myself

  4. 📯 CW: poultry It was nice of the chicken to evolve a convenient portion-based anatomy for us

  5. Super Mario Iliad

end joke section

I'm going to have to delete subway tooter from my phone again, until I can exercise some more self-control

At least I finally made a proper spoiler/content warning class. That's something, at least 🦝

  1. Dang, I wanna stream casual games now. Like some hidden object games? That sounds chill as hell↩