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train your brain in however many things per whenever

Since I don't have anything else to talk about today, I'll point out that I have decided to stop posting my daily Wordle Forever and Semantle scores to the fediverse. When I was posting more frequently, making one post per day to share a game score didn't seem like that big of a deal, but now that my posting frequency is way down, it's starting to make my timeline look cluttered. If you go to my profile and scroll down, it's dominated by those posts, which are really just noise in the first place. I'm going to go back and delete some of them so my profile has more actual substance on it.

Instead I've created a "project" page for Brain Training where I'll post the scores from now on. I also figure it couldn't hurt to log my daily Donkey Kong Jr. scores. I don't expect anyone to care about this, the whole point is that Wordle and Semantle gives me a morning routine and my dumb brain for whatever reason is more incentivized to do it if I post the results somewhere. Donkey Kong Jr. will have to be an evening routine, since I don't have much time on weekdays and typically play the other two games when I get to work. And I'm not playing DKJ on no dang phone. It ain't right.

Routines are good for my depression. They give my brain an argument against not doing anything because it hasn't done anything. Even if it's something small; I can point to it and say hey, at least I did that.

I have now performed the daily routine of writing in my blog. Goodnight everyone 🦝