a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

video game log

Had my fill of Shadowrun (⭐) for now. You can only do the same 4 types of run so many times before it starts to wear thin. I'm glad I mapped the Salish-Shidhe territory, I'm hanging onto that for future playthroughs, but mapping each Matrix system is just too tedious to be worth it. Shadowrun is a very good game for the 6-8 hours it takes to complete the story, but there's just not enough variety to keep it interesting for the amount of grinding you have to do to complete the big Matrix sidequest.

That's why I was hoping the Shadowrun 2058 mod would add some much-needed variety to the repeatable quests, but all it seems to do is incentivize more grunding. Hard pass.

But to be honest, my depression has been bad for the last couple days, and I'm not really able to enjoy much right now. However, the FM synth music has been soothing, so I started a game of Wonder Boy in Monster World (🌗)

youtube: Wonder boy in monster world Music Genesis/Megadrive - Cave Theme 1