a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

what's a little status update between friends?

Brain is fried today from end-of-fiscal-yearitis, don't have the energy for even a low-effort post, don't have enough jokes for a #GarbageDigest; well, I did, but I used them all up on fedi, and I'm too tired to write a properly stupid intro for my pretend magazine, which are two problems I'm sure everyone reading this can relate to. So, I'm calling a sports metaphor.

Instead, I'll promote the fact that there are now four five tinyURLs you can use to find this blog:

I figure since I can't really afford a vanity URL at the moment, the next best thing would be to register some short, memorable tinyURLs so if I ever have to say the name of the blog aloud, it's quicker to explain why my URL is that than it would be to make someone remember the actual url.

Feel free to plug any of these on radio shows or podcasts you're on, or print stickers and put them up on utility poles and the backs of stop signs around your neighborhood. Just don't stick 'em anywhere I wouldn't βŸͺnon-incriminating wink ;-)⟫

I'm trying to think of literally any other words to put here and they're not coming, so this is me, signing off 🦝