a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

widget tallying

There's always a huge influx of widgets to tally at the beginning of the week; but since they don't get shipped from central receiving to the spreadsheet shop until late in the afternoon, there's always a 1-day lag. Thus it is not Mondays that suck, but capitalism. I mean, Tuesdays.

A normal day might have 5-6 widgets to tally, but on Tuesdays that number can easily get into the double digits, such as today, during which I tallied twenty-four widgets. That was pretty much my entire day.

Of course tallying widgets isn't typically my job, that's normally one of Paula's duties, but since she's still cruisin', I'm taking care of the tally and Judith is helping with some of her other duties.

My normal duties involve taking account of a great number of widget tallies and submitting them to the widget bureau for acknowledgement, which is also time-consuming but does leave me a little wiggle room for extravocational activities. My typical duties are also much more rote and mechanical, meaning if no one interrupts me, I can dissociate and let the hours slip by almost without perceiving them, which is nice. But each widget needs to be tallied in a slightly different way, so there is some amount of brain activity involved. Not so much that I can't listen to podcasts, but I do have to pause them from time to time when I get a complicated widget.

All this is to say that work kicked my brain ass today, and my ass brain couldn't think of anything to write about. I wouldn't call it writer's block, it's just that thinking is a prerequisite for writing, and I didn't have time to think today. I don't know how many widgets came in today, but hopefully it's a much smaller number than twenty-four 🦝