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youtube sweeps week

In three days, we got three videos from three of my favorite youtube channels who update sporadically: Action Button reviewed Boku no Natsuyasumi, Folding Ideas talked about a horrifying web of internet grifts, and Innuendo Studios not only posted a video, but posted a new installment in the alt-right playbook series. It's been two and a half years since the last one of those.

The Action Button review was the most exciting one for me, but also the one I feel the least confident recommending to people. A six-hour video about a video game we'll never get to play unless the currently-in-development fan translation actually happens1 is a hard sell. It's impossible to be certain, but I think I'd enjoy the review even if I had no interest in video games at all, because Tim's writing, editing and style are good enough to stand on their own, the same way a Sarah Z video can keep my attention even if it's about an internet fandom or subculture I have no interest in. But six hours a lot. Even the most in-the-weeds Sarah Z video never goes past two. But you can think of it as a series of videos. It's divided up into six approximately hour-long chunks. I watched it over the course of Sunday and Monday.

Sunday was the first day in awhile I've allowed myself to actually take an entire day off and decompress. Normally Sunday is laundry day, but I knew I'd be taking Monday off because I needed to accompany Izzy to an eye appointment, and I'd have time to do laundry in the morning. Part of the video was me listening while doing laundry. It's a very listenable video. Anyway, it's good. It's either my new favorite Action Button review or my second favorite, after Tokimeki Memorial. They're very close.

The other two videos are good too. And in the past few days, we also got new videos from jan Misali, My Mechanics and F.D. Signifier, who aren't quite at the same 1-video-a-year pace but still post fairly infrequently. All that, and a gosh darn new Disk 4 of 12 episode from Homestar Runner that ended up being the best Let's Play of a text adventure possible?! How are they still so good?

Anyway, it's been a big week for videos for me, specifically, and I recommend searching for all the ones I've mentioned because I'm too tired to add links right now. I had to go to the grocery store after work, which adds 2 and a half hours and a bit of walking and hauling to my already mentally exhausting 8-hour workday. It's about 23:30 and I'm just too tired and sore to do much but a "what I watched on my 1-day vacation" report. Sorry I don't have much of interest to say right now. I've got writing ideas cooking the ol' crock pot, I hope they don't turn out mushy after such a slow stew 🦝

  1. but the Tokimeki Memorial fan translation was miraculously completed not long after Action Button's review, so hope is the thing with feathers↩

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