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It's Saturday, and I seem to remember something we used to do on Saturdays. Something... important

Black cat sitting on my lap on a concrete patio

My apartment complex doesn't allow pets, but we have a lot of neighborhood cats. One Sunday (November 27, 2021 to be precise) a black cat paid me a visit during my outing to the communal laundry room, and I bestowed upon her the title of Laundry Cat. She started visiting most weeks, and it became a ritual for me to post a photo on fedi whenever she did.

Rather than link to the thread, which is a bit disorganized, I've collected all the photos of her here:

Click here to visit Laundry Cat's homepage (1.4MB page)

I'm linking to it this way instead of posting them in this update because the page is quite image-heavy and I don't want it to be a burden for those with limited data.

She hasn't visited me in awhile—the last photo I have of her was taken April 10, 2022. I'm hoping that posting these photos and letting more people see her will constitute a magical ritual by which I can bless her with protection and prosperity wherever she may be, and if I'm lucky, summon her for another visit during laundry tomorrow 🦝