a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

i think i'm done with a.i.

My interest in a.i. content generation has always been fairly low, but I was intrigued by the possibility of using GPT-3 as a sort of collaborative writing tool. There's not much value to me in just typing a sentence and getting an essay, but I thought toys like a.i. Dungeon and Are You The Asshole were kind of cool, because the output was only as interesting as my input. It seemed like a good way to help me flex my own creativity.

But I think I have to conclude that all of these toys and tools are just as much a product of stolen work as more egregiously unethical apps like Copilot and DALL-E. With text, I think it took me awhile to realize the frog was being boiled because it started with markov chains, which are relatively benign and not something that can be owned by a corporation. It's easy to see modern text generation as just an advanced markov chain, but it's really a different beast, and I don't think it's something I want to support, even tacitly.

Anyway, it's much more fun to imagine what an a.i. would write and write it myself, like I did with fake fake cars. That's why I'm pleased to introduce the next generation of fictional text generators, Raclanti. Raclanti is a bogus hyper-advanced a.i. author trained on over three decades of my own thoughts, experiences, insights and imagination.

You can follow Raclanti on the fediverse at bluelander@botsin.space to get blog updates, same as before, but feel free to also @ Raclanti with prompts to generate nonsense paragraphs. Raclanti has several zottabytes of data to work with, but due to technical limitations, only a single-core processor that it has to share with other tasks; therefore, it can only handle a limited number of requests and it may take some time to generate the output. But instead of plagiarized nonsense that further enriches Microsoft and Google, you'll have the satisfaction of supporting locally-sourced artisinal nonsense 🦝

📖 the lore has been updated.

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