a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

send the curry cart at once

It's summer, which means the ice cream trucks are making their rounds, which means that once again I have to wonder why ice cream is the only kind of food truck that drives through people's neighborhoods.

We have other kinds of food trucks (hypothetically) but for whatever reason their usual M.O. is to go to a spot and stay there for a few hours, and none of those spots are in walking distance of my apartment. If there was, like, a hot dog truck or a sandwich truck or a a curry truck that stopped on my block, I would give them so much of my money.

Holy shit, a curry truck would be the best. I'd make sure I had cash if they couldn't accept credit cards. I'd make sure to have a clean bowl ready if it were bring-your-own-bowl. If I could give them a couple bucks in exchange for a big ladleful of rice, a big ladleful of chickpea or lentil curry, and a couple pieces of garlic naan wrapped in tinfoil, I would literally eat that every day.

But instead we get ice cream trucks, which are... pointless? I mean ice cream is fine, but I can buy a big tub of ice cream and keep it in my freezer for a very long time. It's easier, it's more economical, and it's something I don't want to eat that much of anyway. Ice cream trucks started before most families had their own home freezers, so they made sense. It was a harder-to-access treat. Now, everyone has a freezer and they can buy and store all the ice cream they want, but ice cream trucks are still a thing for some reason. Just the novelty of it, the pointless nostalgia, the "remember the 50s"-ness of it. I guess boomer parents were more likely to give their kids money for an ice cream truck than buy ice cream for their kids at the store, because it's a thing they did when they were kids and therefore good, and the cycle repeats.

Meanwhile I'm sitting here like, I can get ice cream, I don't need you to bring me any, but it sure would be nice if someone would offer to bring me some delicious healthy food I don't have the time or energy to prepare for myself.1

But hey, at least I get to hear "Turkey in the Straw". It's not just ice cream, it's ice cream combined with that other great boomer tradition, casual racism 🦝

  1. There used to be a second entry published on June 04 titled i should be allowed to think. If you're looking for it, it's now located here, for reasons.↩