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sunday links 14: i'd follow that freak through a portal to hell, and his country agrees

Good morning, it's time for sunday links, my break from the normal blog to link to something to read, something to watch, something to listen to and something to play with. Typically I write every day. One piece from this week you may enjoy is I've Got An Idea For A Start-Up, a song parody about moving fast and breaking society.

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screenshot of the program lynx displaying this website

I was going to make an updated version of this image when I cycled back around to it, but I'm not going through the rigamarole of getting Lynx to work on a chromebook just for that. Next time...


The Colonel’s Bequest – Case Cracked by Ben Shoof (or uh, Chris)

Dead bodies are always in the first place you look. You're always killed when opening the closet when the killer is active. The Southern Belle easter egg always occurs. The killer always walks by windows when possible. Everyone blinks, fidgets, and moves with lifeless constancy.

(thanks to @mogwai_poet for bringing this to my attention)


Presidential Inaugration - 01/20/24 by Alex Fraioli


πŸ“― CW: mild fatphobia


Hangover by CSS (RAC remix)

After much careful deliberation, I've selected this song to be my Summer Jam this year. I'd walk through the gates of hell, as long as I'm with you


Trimps by Greensatellite

This is my favorite idle game. Something made me think of it recently, so I started "playing" it again. Adversarial spreadsheet management 🦝