a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

the great debate

Gore voters: It's pronounced gif!

Bush voters: No, it's pronounced dʒif!

Me, the Nader voter1 2 in the room: actually did you know that the gif format doesn't just mean an animated picture? In fact, many images people save as .png files would be smaller if they were saved as gifs instead, particularly images from old computers and game consoles that would have had fewer than 256 colors anyway. (you can get the same efficiency out of a png image, but often it requires tweaking the default compression and optimization settings, which may not even be available to you depending on platform)

Additionally, most of what we call gifs these days are actually just silent mp4s! You wouldn't want to post, say, a clip of a TV show as an actual gif, because the color depth would be lost, the framerate would be low, and the file size would be huge. I just wanted to clear up this misconception, because no one is actually using gifs but they can still be a useful format for static images


The year 2001: dʒifs did 9/11 🦝

  1. For the purpose of this metaphor. I was 15 in 2000.

  2. Advanced readers may enjoy the deleted scene in this DVD bonus feature